Monday, September 29, 2003

I Pitch Like Maddox Writes 

When I was younger (so much younger than today), my brother and I had our own thrash metal band. It was called Bitter. The songs were evil. That being said, this guy makes us all look like nuns.

This is great ranting. He claims it to be the Best Page In The Universe.


I especially likes his critique of children’s art:


RSS Now 

Started using RSS feeds. I'm liking FeedReader, but wondering what will come next. Feels like when I first started working on the net and had a real nice new browser with very limited functionality. So much news, so many cool people - so little time. Still, it's starting to feeling like a straight connection to those who "get it!" - do you get it?


These are some books that are "must-reads." Anyone thinking about Marketing and starting a buisness should take a look at these gems:

- Starting Your Career As a Freelance Illustrator or Graphic Designer – By: Michael Fleishman
- The Graphic Designer’s Guide To Clients – By: Ellen Shapiro
- The Brand You 50 – By: Tom Peters
- The Project 50 – By: Tom Peters
- The Professional Service Firm 50 – By: Tom Peters
- Survival Is Not Enough – By: Seth Godin
- Purple Cow – By: Seth Godin

That's just the tip of the iceberg and the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper!

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